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Thursday 27 October,2022 | Vatican II didn’t fail.


I would fill all cry rooms in the country with cement.

You guys noticed. And some of you wondered why.

Hannah said: I’m confused – what is it that you hate about cry rooms?

Here’s my response:

Only everything.

I’ve never been inside one where families were making an attempt to participate in the Mass.

I have experienced children loudly playing with baskets of noisy toys and parents chatting in full voice about their plans for the weekend.

I think when you tell people they don’t qualify to be a part of the actual community of believers, they act like it.

But if a cry room exists at that church I’m likely to be given zero tolerance for teaching my children to behave in Mass out in the real church.

“We have a place for kids, you should be in it,” is often the attitude in those parishes. But I don’t want my kids, even my toddlers, to learn that the Mass is playtime. I want them to learn to participate.

I also think we should try to see every person who comes into that church, be it a noisy child, or a moaning special needs person, or an old man loudly complaining to his wife about why the priest won’t speak up, as part of us — part of the body of Christ. Not as someone else’s problem that we shouldn’t have to be bothered with. That we should shut up in a special little room where we can pretend they don’t exist.

I just keep coming back to the fact that the Mass is for God. It’s for what God would like not for what we would like. God made children and special needs people and the elderly and I feel certain that he wishes them all to be welcome at his Mass.

A typical Catholic family meeting the priest after Mass. Which country?

It’s his party and he invited everyone.

So, I figured that would take care of any confusion.


Sexual misconduct. Employee intimidation. A complete disregard for victims.

At one of the leading American Catholic ministries.

For the full story

"This does not surprise me at all after working with Bishop Barron and his @WordOnFire staff for my last two years at the USCCB. So disappointing how little changes."

- Rebecca Ruesch,
Canonical Advisor at the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

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